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Matthijs Koene

About Matthijs Koene

About Matthijs Koene

Matthijs Koene (1977) is internationally regarded as one of the leading panpipe players of his time. A true pioneer, his vision and manner of playing have vastly expanded the technical and expressive capabilities of his instrument. Through this, the panpipes have succeeded in making an entry into the classical music world. Many composers have since become convinced of their possibilities, and have been commissioned to write works.

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Matthijs performs regularly with a range of different ensembles. On this page you can find a collection of music videos selected by Matthijs himself.

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Composer Laureate Calliope Tsoupaki writes a piece for Matthijs

The new Dutch Composer Laureate Calliope Tsoupaki wrote the piece Song for Life and Death at the occasion of 70

Matthijs plays at Wonderfeel with Verso!

On July 21, Matthijs will play at Festival Wonderfeel with guitarist Stefan Gerritsen. Verso plays a mix of various styles,

Live performance of Telemann by Matthijs on Dutch TV

Matthijs was live at the Dutch television show Podium Witteman on April 15. He played ‘Passepied’ from the Suite TWV

New video: ‘Free the Birds III’ by Chiel Meijering

Verso (Matthijs Koene: panpipes, Stefan Gerritsen: guitar) is proud to present the new video of ‘Free the Birds part 3

Did Telemann write for the panpipes?

Matthijs recorded the Suite TWV 55 S:2 by G.P. Telemann, in collaboration with the young ensemble Radio Antiqua. Musicologists worldwide

Mongolian overtone singer and mouth harp

The Uzbekistani composer Artyom Kim wrote this piece in 2007 for Verso: Matthijs Koene (panpipes) and Stefan Gerritsen (guitar). It

Matthijs performs in the NTR Saturday Matinée on October 6

For the NTR Saturday Matinée in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, the Dutch-Greek composer Calliope Tsoupaki is composing a double concerto ‘Salto

Next concert of Matthijs with Verso (Stefan Gerritsen, guitar)

Spring concert with Verso, Matthijs Koene (panpipes) and Stefan Gerritsen (guitar) March 4 2018, 11:30 Address: Koetshuis van Huize Keizer,

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Matthijs Koene

Master of the Panpipes