Matthijs Koene

Concerto for Panpipes

* Commissioned by NTR Saturday Matinee, funded by Fonds Podiumkunsten

Dzon, Paul (1957)
Triptyque for Panpipes and Band
Hählen, Kjell (1976)
Concerto for Panpipes and Ensemble (2003)
Hoch, Francesco (1943)
EX-ANTIQUO (2011) Concert pour deux flûtes de pan et orchester à cordes
Kim, Artyom (1959)
[expected] (2022) 
Koolmees, Hans (1959)
The Chromatic City (2016) Double concerto for recorder and Pan Flute
Kulenty, Hanna (1961)
Ad-Umbro (2020)

Tsoupaki, Calliope (1963)
Salto di Saffo* (2018) Concerto for recorder, Pan Flute and orchestra [TEASER]
Yurdusev, Arda
Seyyah (2020)