Matthijs Koene

Panpipes with other Instrumentations

*Commissioned by Fonds Podiumkunsten (FPK)
**Commissioned by Amsterdams fonds voor de kunst (AFK)

Douw, André (1951)
That time will come(2000)
Kadar, Matthias (1977)
Poèmes de Ronsard (2000)
Meijering, Chiel (1954)
(2021) with string quartett
Moore, Kate (1979)
Bosch Requiem: Lux Aeterna: VIVID (2018) with vocal ensemble and band
Roderik, de Man (1941)
Longueur (2015) for Panflutes and Tape**
Sahin, Timuçin (1973)
Occult (2008) with flute, bass clarinet, piano
Santoso, Renadi (1964)
The human gnome project
Takasaki, Ayuo (1960)
Eurasian Tango (2000) (arr., 2016) for multitrack recorder and multitrack panpipes [AUDIO]

Tsoupaki, Calliope (1963)
[expected] (2021) for panpipes and strings
Vries, Klaas de (1944)
100 jaren 100 nachten* (2013) with soprano, panel, male choir, and organ
Yamauchi, Saori (1969)
Frosen lake (2000)
Yurdusev, Arda
Life in every breath
(2016) for panflute, viola, and percussion [AUDIO]