Matthijs Koene

Music Publishing Houses

When Matthijs Koene started collaborating with composers, he was first and foremost committed to one thing: to establish the instrument in the classical, contemporary music family. This has been a great opportunity for both the composers and the musician to systematically build up a classical repertoire for Panpipes that hardly existed before. 

Since then, this idea has been supported well by the music publishing industry, as pieces for Panpipes can be found in the catalogues of various Music Publishing Houses. These Houses made such repertoire accessible to the general music audience and have contributed to the establishment of the Panpipes repertoire in the music sector at large. 

Below are the publishing houses which have been published pieces with panpipes, listed by country:

Scott (Germany)
Sikorski (Germany)
Verlag Neue Musik (Germany)
Deuss Music (The Netherlands)
Donemus (The Netherlands)
Norsk Musikforlag (Norway)
PWM Edition (Poland)
Editions Papillon (Switzerland)
University of York Music Press (United Kingdom)