Matthijs Koene

Matthijs Koene and the Recciotti Ensemble Tour in Greece: 22-30 October 2023

From October 22 to 30, 2023, Matthijs Koene and the Recciotti ensemble toured Greece, blending diverse styles and cultures in their musical lineup. They highlighted classical composers such as Mozart, Glass, and Spyridon Samaras. The program featured premieres by Evis Sammoutis, Maarten Bauer, Chiel Meijering, and Calliope Tsoupaki. Honoring Greek icons Theodorakis and Hadjidakis, they performed various pop and folklore pieces. Additionally, they showcased jazz compositions by Greek musicians Kontrafouris and Klampanis. A standout was the folk song Misirlou, a testament to Greece’s musical intersection with the Eastern Mediterranean region.

photo credits: @ Wout Nooitgedagt

Μore info and the full program can be found here: link